A boudoir session means vulnerability. It means stepping out of your comfort zone. It means being brave, even if you don't feel ready. Even if you don't feel confident. 

A boudoir experience can change you.
Even transform you, if you'll let it. If only you have the courage to take the leap.

Some women fear the fire...
Some women simply become it...

"I am SO happy that I overcame my fears and did a session with Alisha at Champagne & Lace. She made me feel relaxed, comfortable, and sexy as hell. I walked out of that session really feelin' myself and with a newfound sense of confidence! Book a session and do it for yourself!"


"Alisha made me feel totally comfortable and I walked away from my session with a new found confidence in my body"

- Brittany

"I couldn't have asked for a better experience working with Champagne & Lace!"

- Amanda

Repeat after me:  I am enough. I am beautiful. I am valuable and I bring something unique to this world.

Let me say it again, you are enough! This experience is for YOU. A boudoir experience is an opportunity to love and celebrate yourself. And why shouldn't you?!

I know, I know... You've never done anything like this before. You're nervous and feel totally vulnerable. That is absolutely normal.

BUT, I promise you, if you will step out of your comfort zone, you will NOT regret it! You will 

My ultimate desire is to help you rediscover the magic within you and remind you how incredible, amazing, and beautiful you are!

the power of boudoir


Let's get it all out on the table



Q: I’d love to book a session, but need to know more about the cost. Can you give me an estimate of what my investment will look like?

A: All sessions are 90 minutes long and the fee is $595. This session fee includes a 30 minute consultation, professional hair & make-up, access to our client closet, which ranges in size from XS - 4X, and a 90-minute portrait session.

Your post-session investment in digitals, prints, albums, and other products can range from $795-$3995.

We will have a variety of collections that you can choose from, as well as a la carte items. Payment plans will be available, however, there is no obligation to invest in any post-session products.

Q: How do I book a session and where/when will the session take place?

A: Sessions can be booked by reaching out to us via email or through the contact page. Each session will be scheduled in advance and the session fee must be paid in full to book your spot. Sessions will take place on Sundays or during the week.

You will arrive one hour prior to your session for make-up. If you choose to add on professional hair styling, you will arrive 90 minutes before your session. 

Sessions will be done in-studio, unless otherwise discussed at time of your booking. I am absolutely open to shooting at a location of your choice, but an additional travel fee will be incurred for alternate locations.

Q: When will I get to see my images?

A: We have three options. You can choose to make it a full day with me and see your images just one hour after we’ve wrapped up your session.

OR, if you’re in a hurry or can’t give up an entire day, you can choose to do an in-person reveal of your images two weeks after your session. 
OR, you can choose to do a virtual reveal of your images via a video call two weeks after your session.

If you choose to do an in-person reveal on the day of your session, you will leave the studio and go grab lunch or a coffee for about 60 minutes. While you’re enjoying your lunch/coffee, I’ll get to work on your images and put together a lightly edited preview of your photos. You will return to the studio, and we will sit down and look through the images and go over the process for purchasing products and prints and set up your payment schedule.

If you choose to wait, we can do either an in-person or virtual reveal two weeks after your session and determine which products and prints you want to purchase. You are no obligated to make any purchases, but I have no doubt that once you see your images and realize what a badass you are, you will want all the things! Galleries are delivered 4 - 6 weeks after your session. Products and albums are typically delivered within 8 - 10 weeks. 

Q: I really want to do a shoot, but I am soooo nervous about it. Help!

A: Listen, a boudoir session is a very vulnerable experience. It means putting yourself out there in a new and uncomfortable way! It means stepping outside of your comfort zone and facing that fear. It won’t be easy, but the saying, “there’s no growth in the comfort zone,” could not be more accurate here! 

It might not be easy to overcome those anxious thoughts, but I assure you, the growth that you will experience during your session, will be revolutionary for you!

On top of that, by the time we get started with your session, we’re going to be BFFs. I want you to have fun and feel like you’re just getting to “hang with the girls,’ during our time together. There will be lots of laughter, lots of thirty-second dance parties, and your confidence will be off the charts!
You can also join our private Facebook group where past clients share about their experience with me, see our most recent work, and be the first to find out about upcoming events! JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP HERE.

Q: I think I’m too fat, too awkward, too ugly to do one of these.

A: Lies! Don't let the LIE that you're not pretty enough or skinny enough or sexy enough keep you from doing a session. We are bombarded, every single day, with some seriously flawed advertising telling us how we should act, what we should think, and how we should look, which leaves us feeling inadequate, insecure, and stressed out trying to become the "perfect woman.”

If you are feeling ANY of those things, then the time is NOW. Do this for YOU. Women should feel beautiful, sexy, secure, and confident no matter what their waist size is! And it is my desire is to create beautiful and compelling images of womxn of ALL shapes, sizes, and colors. I believe that all bodies are a work of art and that we should love the skin we're in.

Q: I’m a bit more modest and don’t want to be fully naked, is that okay?

A: Of course! Your session is all about you! We can keep it modest and meek or you can bring out your inner freak! Once you’re in the studio and see a few of your images, you may feel like getting a little more wild and doing something out of your comfort zone! But it’s absolutely up to you!

Q: Do I HAVE to sign a model release or can my photos remain private?

A: If you are not comfortable with images from your session being shared, then they will remain in a private, password protected gallery for only you to see! You will have the option to sign a model release, but are under no obligation to do so. 

Q: Can you make me look “thinner,” “curvier,” “bootylicious.”

A: I understand that every woman wants to look and feel like the best version of themselves for a session like this, however, I also believe in loving the skin you’re in and I want to create beautiful and authentic images of the body that you live in. All of the images you choose to purchase will be edited and retouched to ensure you look absolutely perfect (color correction, blemish removal, smoothing flyaways), but no extensive editing or reshaping will be done. If that’s something you’re looking for, I am not your girl! I assure you, you are beautiful just the way you are and by stepping out of your comfort zone and booking this experience, you are going to see just how beautiful and amazing you are!

Q: May I bring my sister, a friend, or my significant other to the session?

A: Unless you have booked one of our ‘Couples Sessions’, we ask that you not bring any additional parties with you to the session. This experience is for YOU and it will work best when you and I are able to connect, free of distraction from anyone else! I promise to make you feel totally comfortable and at ease during your session. We will laugh, have fun, and create beautiful imagery together! Clients tell me all of the time how they feel like they’re just ‘hanging with one of their girlfriends,’ when we are shooting together! I want you to feel the same way and to have a chance to get to know you, connect with you, and make sure that this experience leaves you feeling like the badass that you are.