Hi, I'm Alisha, with Champagne and Lace Boudoir. 

We take up space here. We might get loud. We're definitely going to have fun! We're going to get relaxed and real. Because the real you, the one that comes out when you feel comfortable in your own skin; you're incredible. 

I want you to feel gorgeous when you're in front of my camera, and I want you to feel confident and powerful every time you look at the images we create together.  

Getting to that place of trust where you're comfortable being yourself is a responsibility I take very seriously. This is not an awkward blind date. This is a best friends night in, and by the time you leave my studio, you're going to feel amazing! 

We affirm all bodies here. Your body is an atlas to your life's journey. It tells the stories of the places you've been and the dreams of the places you are yet to go. No matter what that path has been for you, it has formed you into the beautiful human you are, and the images we create together will highlight that beauty, leaving you confident to take on whatever adventures the future may bring.

A little bit about me: I have been happily married for twelve years to my hubby, Ross. We have three children; eleven year old girl/boy twins and a nine year old son.
I feel most confident when my hair is done and I have mascara on. When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me enjoying time with my family, drinking coffee with girlfriends, or kidnapping my husband for some kid-free adventures

hello. I'm Alisha.

So happy you're here!

The journey of learning to love yourself begins here


How do i book?

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How do I Book?

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This might be your first time scheduling a professional photography session, let alone a boudoir session. It's okay to have questions. I'm here to answer them! It is my goal to prepare you so much before the session that you walk in ready to conquer the world.

No problem, we have answers!

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